rip kelly :(

7 years you have been gone but it feels like yesterday we was laughing and acting like Muppets. I miss you everyday woody and I’m always thinking of all the stuff we did. I was watching a horror movie the other night and I can remember once watching The Ring and my phone started to ring omg you nearly made me poop myself that night lol.

I have the last photo I had with you on my wall in my frontroom. When I feel so low I look at it and you will make me smile again.

Miss you Kelly….we will meet again one day.


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thankyou little sister

have you ever had one of them days when you keep thinking its a Tuesday but nope its a Monday….yep that’s been my day lol.

anyway i wanted to show you sexy people what my sister got me. hehe in that photo is a bear but its not just a bear its a gloomy. i have named him mr cuddles :D.

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arrrrr bad wordpress

download (2)woke up,

logged onto my blog,


looks like everyone has the same probs so here is a pic of it lol.

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updating the page :P

first Saturday off since xmas and i’m blog designing lol but i love you people so i don’t mind.

well i have just spent a hour sorting out a new banner for my blog :D so i hope you sexy people like it. i have been looking for a new background but i can’t find one what is me so going to be keeping this one but i have made my mind up that if i get up to 1000 follows i will be going premium and i might get my own made background.

i have also changed my ALL ABOUT ME  file so hope you like the new look :D .

my twitter banner has changed to  


lovely walk

11796427_904055316332301_3629270723559779904_nwent on a lovely walk on the moors with liam and matt.

everytime i’m walking around on the moors i feel like i’m in a bronte sisters book :D.

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i’m bored people



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only could happen to me

sorry for not writing this weekend. i worked two 9hour shifts at work and today i did 4hours and i could not keep my eyes open. mmmmm coffee is my best friend right now lol. liam is also on his 6weeks holiday now so hes keeping me going until its his bedtime.

i want to tell people about something funny what happened to me on Saturday but i have to admit i didn’t think it was funny at the time. it was around 10am on a Saturday morning and i had 45mins to get ready for work. i washed both my work shirts on a Friday but i no-test on my sodding work day that there was marks on them so i put one back into the wash and put vanish cleaner on my other shirt and put it on to the radiator. i went into the bathroom to put my face on but then i started to smell burning. i went into the frontroom to see that my work shirt was burned where the cleaner stuff was on. i just can’t believe my sodding luck… happy i had a old work shirt that i didn’t put in the bin.

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