omg scary start to the morning

i had something scary happen to me this morning and before anyone asks me nope i did not tell the police because i know they will say they can’t do nothing..oh sorry mum and dad if you are reading this. i didn’t want to say anything because i know what you would say and i don’t need the worry.

at 5am i was woken up to a clicking sound but i didn’t no where it was coming from but soon the sound changed to little bangs also pushing i clicked on that it was my frontdoor and that someone was trying to get into my flat. i got hold of my phone but soon as i was about to walk out my bedroom door my sodding alarm on my phone went off. the banging stopped. i went into my sons bedroom to look out the window and i saw no-one so i ran into my frontroom and looked out the window but saw no-one.

who ever it was he/she got scared soon as they heard my phone.


happy :)

whoop been a good day.

found out that liam is going to the school i wanted and i got my certificate in the post.

going to be saving up soon so i can do my ICS business course.



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lol yepppp

well i nearly had a heart attack this morning thanks to work. at 9am we got a call out for all the staff to come to the main desk. i no-test that the manager looked worried and that got me worried. i started to think that i was going to be made┬áredundant or that i was going to working for someone new. after all the staff showed up we found out the news….NO-ONE WILL BE HAVING A COOKED BREAKFAST because someone had called in sick….


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lol crazy dream

have you ever had a dream what felt so real until you wake up and think WTF lol.

well i had a dream where i went to work at 5am in my dressing gown so i could get some loo roll from the cleaning department . best part is i tried to get into the warehouse but the staff would not let me because i was wearing slippers.


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whoop happy as pie

whoop look what i got today :D



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moor day :)

928769_891554800886987_981194683_nwhoop a 2nd day of lovely sun.

just been on a lovely walk hmm well a funny walk. i live next to the moors so sometimes i like to go up there and look at lovely meltham from the top. i learned 3 things today and that is sheep can sneeze and my 4 year old son does not know how to pee outside lol and the moors are cold even on a hot day.

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happy easter



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