getting sick of this

I thought he was doing so good this week but I got called into the pre-school office. when I get called into there it kind of reminds me of my school days. a mother has said that my son has punched her little girl and if he does it again she’s going to talk to me about it. like the staff have said they have not seen liam do this but they will talk to me about it. I don’t think the child even told the helpers so I don’t even no if its just the girl trying to suck up to mummy.

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Xmas time

We’ll it’s now the Xmas crazy week when every nutter goes crazy. I only have to get my mum, Nan and grandad something now and I have no sodding clue what to get. Arrrr I always leave stuff to the last.

Liams last week at school untill Santa comes next week. Let’s hope he has a good week without any probs.

Ps I’m doing this blog off my phone.

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what a morning

well its been a fun morning. liam went to the doctors in Huddersfield for his feet. he has probs walking and is always falling on his face. doctor says the same thing I have  been saying for 2years….liam has a prob in concentration and also shows short attention span. I told her I already new this and right now there doing tests on him. his pre-school is driving me crazy always saying that liam is a handful and like I said well if you did a letter back to the person who is helping liam by now you might be getting someone to do one+one with him. arrr what they want me to do…sit with him for 3hours when he’s at pre-school.

I had ago at 40 year old men in Huddersfield when I was walking up to the doctors . 2 guys got out of there cars and looked like they was about to fight. liam was getting scared so I shouted OH F##KING GROW UP AND STOP ACTING LIKE F##KING CHILDREN. they both looked at me and I thought crap I’m going to get beaten up but nope they walked back to there cars. but before they got into the cars I said to liam DON’T YOU EVER ACT LIKE THAT and liam says ok mummy. the men got back into there cars and left.


santa :)

10806470_10204715091533258_303934059314368708_ntook liam to see santa today. first he was jumping but soon as he saw santa he went into shock and shy.


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the sodding truth so shut it >:(

right its about time I tell my side of the story because I’m getting kind of sick and feed up about hearing stuff and people saying crap thinking they no. my son was shaken when he was only a month and a week old by his so call father. people never understand why he never went to jail for hurting my son so its about time I tell people why because im getting sick of people sodding asking me and I do not even give two monkeys who reads this.

before anyone says yes he was reported and social service’s kicked in to gear. they was the ones who told me that his careworker messed up and didn’t look into his fathers care file. they put a injunction/restraining order on him and they have already told me he will never pass his full risk assessment. also if I ever let him near my son again I will have liam taken off me. when I was looking for him his family kept telling me they didn’t no where he was but in November 2011 I saw him with his sisters so I band his family from having anything to do with liam because they are hiding him. social services will not tell me where he is because of liams safety.

reason he didn’t get sent down was because I was not well and the solicitors and other stuff was making very low to a point I forgot who I was (I was also comfort eating). also if he did get sent down he will get less then 10years in jail where he will have a lovely bed,tv,ps3 and cooked dinners and also getting his level 1’s in stuff in jail.  if I have to take him to court now I have to pay to find him,pay £80 to see a solicitor and it will cost me £200 a month for 6months to take him to court so he can get sent down to have fun life in jail and I will have no closure. I also no for a fact that this man has a drink prob and he did also had a drug prob so it wont shock me if he dies when he hits 30. my closure is knowing he is never going to go near liam again.

liam is better off without him and we are happy. I’M A MUM AND DAD.

reason I’m sayin something now is because my father sent me this on facebook – Read this,its about time you reported that piece of scum

Kera Price like I have already said to nearly everyone and I might as well put it on facebook so that everyone can read . 1st I do not have a clue where he is and the reason I band his family going near my son was because they was not telling me where he was, 2) social service’s put a injunction/restraining order on him and they have already told me he will never pass his full risk assessment, 3) the social services will not tell me where he is coz of liams safety, 4) if I have to take him to court now I have to pay to find him,pay £80 to see a solicitor and it will cost me £200 a month for 6months to take him to court, 5) been told by the services if he goes near liam I will have my son taken off me. 6) 3years is a sodding joke after shaken my son. I no for a fact he be dead by 30 years old coz hes been on drugs and drink since he was 13……

good and bad

well I have had good news and bad news and its only sodding Wednesday.

anyway lets start with the good news. the pj lady has moved out and I can now walk outside without being watched woop. shes left all the baby stuff outside and I do not think she understand that if housing see that she will be fined.

bad new – my dad rang me up last night saying he had bad news. first I thought someone had died but nope his work have changed his hours meaning I now have no childcare on Monday and Fridays (my work days). I’m prying work will sort something out or I will have to leave :(.


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wtf is going on ???????

well I had abit of a shock week but now I know not to talk to them people anymore. I heard something today that I should of not heard and the only reason I heard anything was because liam bedroom window was open. I just came home from my mothers with liam. I saw my neighbour (pyjama lady) sat outside her house looking at me but I did what I always do..NO EYE CONTACT. when I was about to open my door I saw my downstairs neighbour and she was about to walk to the neighbour who was sat outside but soon as she saw me she backed up and started to walk back to her flat O_O. I’m not stupid and I new something was not right. I got into my home and went into my son’s room and opened the window. after waiting only 2mins they both started to talk…..well I heard Enough. I was sat on my son’s bed just in shock. I do not even no there names and I do not even make eye contact with them but there fast to make me look like a prat.  but I’m happy that I now no why they been acting funny with me.

1) Friday night I went to pay the takeaway guy and soon as pj lady saw me she slamed the door. I told my fella and he asked me what have I done and I said I do not have a sodding clue. 2) on Saturday the family what live next to me (I call them snobs) said if that your metal bin next to your green bin and I said yes and he says oh put it in the bin an I looked at him lost and said what bin? he looked kind of pissed off and said the black one (O_O). I told my mother about the run in and she says no don’t do that coz the bin men wont take your bin. but what pissed me off is that pj lady has not cleaned her bin for a month but hes fast to say something about the metal bin. when I went back into my flat he was talking to pj outside…….

(O_O) might just put my headphones on when I want to go outside so I don’t have to listen or say hi to anyone. well you no the saying your neighbours will always be nice to you when you first move in but there true selfs always come out.

update 17/11/14 –,-2014


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