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? eh why liam?????

ever felt like screaming well i just had that feeling.

my son has not used a potty for maybe 5months but for some crazy reason today liam didn’t want to use the loo he wanted the potty. i told him no because i do not have it anymore. well he kicked off saying he wanted it. i took him to the loo but nope he would not pee in the loo. after 5mins of him kicking off he peed all over my floor. i won’t happy so i sent him to his room and told him no cartoons now till tomorrow.

wtf was that all about (O_O).



i have felt stressed and kind of crappy since monday but feeling a little bit better now. i need to learn how to rest and not to let stuff to get to me.

i had something crazy happen to me today. have you ever felt like you have done something wrong? well i had that feeling today after being watched by people (O_O). got to keep on smiling but i still want to no what have i done.


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scary crap

today i just feel so sleepy but after the night i had you might understand.

i was woken up at 3am to a sound of someone running up and down my stairs what go to my flat upstairs door. i jumped out of bed and opened the upstairs door but when i looked no-one was there…the frontdoor was locked up.



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busy weekend

sat at my mothers chilling after work also popped up to see my little man who is staying there when i’m working. its been one crazy weekend and my feet are starting to hurt.

Friday- dropped liam off at my mom and dads house at 3pm and started work at 5pm.

Saturday-  i haven’t seen liam today because i had to work a 12pm to 8pm all because of the mess up on Thursday.

Sunday – worked 5hours but it went fast…. seeing liam today :).

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The hardest battle you will ever have to fight is between who you are now and who you want to be.

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what a morning

i do not no if its a smart thing to be drinking coffee around 5pm but i have been up since 5:45am and had a crap start to the morning but praying that this will not happen again. i got to work at 7am to find out that they have messed my hours again but whats bugging me is that it seems to be every week something is not right. i have to sort out childcare for liam when i’m at work so when something goes wrong i’m not a happy bunny and so is my mother. going to be working 8hours on Saturday not 5hours now but i’m cool with that.


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