wtf is going on ???????

well I had abit of a shock week but now I know not to talk to them people anymore. I heard something today that I should of not heard and the only reason I heard anything was because liam bedroom window was open. I just came home from my mothers with liam. I saw my neighbour (pyjama lady) sat outside her house looking at me but I did what I always do..NO EYE CONTACT. when I was about to open my door I saw my downstairs neighbour and she was about to walk to the neighbour who was sat outside but soon as she saw me she backed up and started to walk back to her flat O_O. I’m not stupid and I new something was not right. I got into my home and went into my son’s room and opened the window. after waiting only 2mins they both started to talk…..well I heard Enough. I was sat on my son’s bed just in shock. I do not even no there names and I do not even make eye contact with them but there fast to make me look like a prat.  but I’m happy that I now no why they been acting funny with me.

1) Friday night I went to pay the takeaway guy and soon as pj lady saw me she slamed the door. I told my fella and he asked me what have I done and I said I do not have a sodding clue. 2) on Saturday the family what live next to me (I call them snobs) said if that your metal bin next to your green bin and I said yes and he says oh put it in the bin an I looked at him lost and said what bin? he looked kind of pissed off and said the black one (O_O). I told my mother about the run in and she says no don’t do that coz the bin men wont take your bin. but what pissed me off is that pj lady has not cleaned her bin for a month but hes fast to say something about the metal bin. when I went back into my flat he was talking to pj outside…….

(O_O) might just put my headphones on when I want to go outside so I don’t have to listen or say hi to anyone. well you no the saying your neighbours will always be nice to you when you first move in but there true selfs always come out.

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OMG jealous

don’t you just love when people get jealous because your getting a new toy soon. I have been saving up for nearly 3months so I can by a new ps4 and also next year I’m planning to get a bigger tv FOR ME AND LIAM. well I told someone and you can tell they won’t to happy because they came up with the most stupid stuff hmmm be careful because if benefits find out you might get your money cut off….well




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in shock (O_O)

well to tell you the truth I’m in shock but I do believe it. I have known martyn since I where 16 years and he was abit nuts then. one day I can remember seeing him and he showed me that he had one of his fingers missing all because a firework went off in his hand (O_O). what a crazy monster he became :( so sad.


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monday news

yes I know its Wednesday but I haven’t put what happened on Monday. liam had to see a special dr and had some tests done.

1) there going to give liam a hearing test again (be 3rd one now),

2) he could be having his feet looked at because he can’t walk properly ( before you ask he dose not wear cheep shoes),

3) there going to be doing the eye tests again.

4) liam haves probs with his head (not saying to much) and I have been going on for some time that he needs A SODDING XRAY ON IT. well I might be getting it done but it needs to now go to the people who sort that stuff out.

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arr hope the weekend is going to be better.

yesterday was just one bad day. first i had the health woman come round. everything was good until she started to talk about me. a month ago i told them the truth that i have probs with attention, short term memory and dyslexia and i have kept it away from them for 3 and a half years. for some reason she thinks liam might have  attention and short term memory because he see’s me everyday…WTF. then she kept asking me how i was with with liam (O_O). for nearly 4 years they have been telling me i’m doing a brilo job and now they was asking me stuff. she was asking me how do i read to liam and i said having dyslexia dose not always means you cant sodding read it can be other probs. i was not to happy but this pissed me off more..she asked me if i wanted to do parent class’s because my probs WTF MY PROBS DOES NOT AFFECT MY PARENTING. last week the nursery nurse came round just out the blue and when she saw my boyfriend her face looked shocked lol…my health woman says oh ive been told you have a fella and i said yes. she wanted me to tell her his name so i did but why does she need to know if i’m with someone??????

8pm i heard someone open my frontdoor. at first i thought it was my fella but after 5mins i heard the door slam so looked out the window to see what was up with him but i didn’t see no-one so i went to my son’s room (other side of flat) and i didn’t see no-one. at 8:45pm i heard the door open again but this time i said hiya and pulled the chain but who it was slamed the door so i texted my fella to come round and told him why . he came round and i unlocked the door for him (by then i locked the door) and long and behold that flat neighbor who puts crap in my bins (cat lady) was sat outside looking into my flat….why is it everytime shes around stuff sodding happens…..


arrrr npower

omg what a crazy morning. I rang up npower because I want a Prepayment Meter put into the flat because I’m sick of putting money onto this weekly payment card and not knowing what im using. I’m not joking it took me 50mins to be told that the computers are down and they will have to send me a letter to say the date its going to put in but first it was..

1) you have two meters but he could not understand why.

2) next person oh its (one) for power and (two) for water and heaters but like I kept telling them I don’t put on the heaters coz they cost to much and water is on for a hour (heats up fast)…I have plug heaters.

3) they told me  I could not have a meter but I told them I want one and the person kept going on how I had to talk to kirklees about it WTF (my housing/pay rent).

4) got sent to talk to someone about a payment card but I already have one

5) woop got told I can have one but the computers are down so they are going to send me a letter with the date.

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