lmao how stupid is this

Don’t you just love it when someone i used to be friends with deletes me off facebook all because i could not take my son to her childs birthday party last week because I HAVE A JOB and also liam is not good around children he does not know.

sometimes i just want to slap people around the face and tell them to grow up.


busy morning

think i might go for a nap saying that i have been up since 5:50am. i’m post to start work at 7am but i have to sign in at 6:49am because there was no cleaner in last night so i had alot to do. 10am home time so walked home to click on that i need to pay my water bill so had to go back into the village….its now 12:18pm and i’m about to sleep on the keybored.

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whoop happy lass

whoop i have good news for you sexy people.


meaning i can blog more, twitter more and also and can’t forget


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..yo sexy people

whoop better start this off with I SAW DRAGONBALLZ REVIVAL OF F on Friday and wow it was bril. i still think vegeta should of won. hehe most of the movie room was full of guys so i felt odd (O_O).

anyway this weekend has gone fast as pie. work has been nice and busy just the way we want it to be.

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good news :)

whoop i have good news people. lmao when i phoned up my fella about the good news the prat thought i was preggy (O_O) hmmmm nope. i had a meeting today with liam’s school. i thought noooooo what has he done now but nope there going to finally find out what going on with liam (the way he is) aka meaning the spacial needs team is going to kick in. just got to wait for paper work…. ITS ABOUT TIME.


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so true


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Bored lol

Well right now im at work having my 15mins chilling by myself. I no this not buzzing news people lol. Im just bored and I need something to do.

Got something to ask you sexy people. Why is diet coke so nasty ewwww (@_@).


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