yep life :)

whoop good news…my mail is showing up on time.

i also got asked today by a British heart foundation worker how old i was. when i told him i was 28 he asked me again how old i was. he said i looked 24 lol. i said yer i get told alot that i look young for my age.


wtf crazy meltham lady

i was walking down a road called slaithwaite road around 6:20pm. some woman with children started to beep at me and started to wave her arms about at me like i had done something wrong.

thing is….

1) i do not no this woman ,

2) i was walking on the other side of the path.

it was just so odd…. (O_O).


royal mail are a joke

last time i got any mail was last Thursday and they had to put a rubber band around my parcels and letters. i thought hmmm think its time to contact royal mail and ask about this because my letters and stuff are not showing up.

1st) they said there has been a dog attack near you. IT WAS DOWN THE ROAD and i have got my mail but not getting it everyday.

2nd) they asked me when i last got my mail and i said Thursday. i look out the window and saw the mail van. i told them the van was outside but no-one went up my road …. they said if the van is out it might mean you have no mail… WTF NO-ONE ON MY STREET HAS MAIL…. yer what ever its bloody laziness😡 .


(O_O) wtf odd

yes i have over 5,000 people following me on instagram but this the first time i have been asked to do a odd photo. someone sent me a message asking if i could take a photo of my feet because he liked feet….hmmm BLOCKED.

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love and hate rain

love – because of the sounds, smells and how it feels when it hits your face.

hate- child won’t leave the sodding house for a walk.

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i need to stop watching scary films before i go to bed.

i had a dream what felt so real last night. i had to look around the flat to make me feel safe.

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birthday girl

yep 28 today and this year i don’t feel like a old fart. even if today is my birthday we had the fun day yesterday. liam wanted to blow out the candles after Sunday dinner after he picked out my cake. i also went to see Suicide Squad‬ last night with someone🙂 what was bloody bril. 


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