school holidays

its already wednesday and i’m sleepy as pie.

liam is having his feet looked at tomorrow and i’m gonna have to have a chat with them about him falling over and opening his head. i think there is talk about liam having boots made for him.

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funny story

i forgot to put this onto the site about Saturday morning.

i work up at 6:45am when my alarm went off. i jumped out of bed thinking omg i’m late for work. i went into the front room and got into my work stuff and when i went to look at the time again i saw the bloody day… I DON’T WORK SATURDAYS lol.

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(O_O) love lol

why is it when your not wanting a boyfriend nearly every guy you know try’s to ask you out (O_O). last night at work a guy I’ve known for some time that i have to admit i do like tried to ask me out but i said no right away. i felt kind of bad when he walked off but i just do not need the stress of a man again.

i have to much going on with liam and he’s number one.


happy valentines day

to all my sexy readers out there i hope you know that i love ya xxx.

spending my single life day cleaning up the flat and soon as liam comes home from school chill time with him oh and i can’t forget playing Overwatch tonight soon as he’s gone to bed 🙂 .

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monday buzz

its about to hit 8pm and seeing that I’ve been up since 4am i’m not sleepy. my sleep pattern has gone and i do not know how to get it back… if i go to bed at 10pm i will be up at 5am and buzzing (O_O). trying to book a week off work to try and sort it out because i do not know if its just my head or is it stress.

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chill weekend

weekend is nearly over and a new week is about to start.

i spent yesterday chilling with my little man and today chilled with the family. planing a night out with my bro and his lass but it will have to be a Friday because Saturday nights are just trouble and i just want to have fun without drama.

sorry for a little blog post…. lol bored.

PS in my last blog i was very upset but i will say it was not about my boy.i needed to get my feelings out.

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why is it when you try very hard at stuff but there is always gonna be people who tell you your failing. i’m doing something on my own and also some of this stuff is new to me and trying very hard but starting to feel like a fail.

that was my night tonight.

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