woop new book

yay I’ve done reading The Hunger Games book 2 and I’m not going to even try and read the 3rd book because the 2nd book was just crap and nothing good  happened. i’ve just started reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls  bySteve Hockensmith .  you will no-test soon that i love to read and it makes me happy going into a different planet (the imagination planet 🙂 ).

i was going to go and take Liam and me on a walking group around meltham today but it looks like its going to pee it down…i hate being stuck at home and i be leave you should not put your child next to the TV all the time so I’m going to read him one of his Disney books to him and play with his cars with him. i might just put his rain cover on and just go out but hes got a runny nose right now hmmmmm what to do.