no more…..liam safety is number 1

well tomorrow is Friday and mostly I’m a busy bee on Friday but I’m not now. i was doing a course at the sure start center near me but after the way they treated my son i have made up my mind that I’m not going to go anymore for my sons safety. I’m looking for a new play group what i no is going to cost me money but i be happy to pay so i no hes safe and being watched. right now im taking him to fizzy lizards once a week maybe two times if i can.

on the 25th May 2012 Liam woke up in the morning with a sticky eye and he could not open it so i got a baby wipe onto it (i fort the goo was boogies because he had a cold so i fort that he rubbed his nose then his eye) .he went to play group in his vest because it was to hot to put him in anything else. i told the staff that Liam had 4drinks on his pram hudd and give him them when he wants a drink and they said OK and i told them about his eye and if it gets bad tell me and i will take him to dr’s and they said OK (his eye was watering abit). i do a course then hes in the playroom and at 2pm it was break and i asked one of the helpers if Liam was OK and she said yes hes fine (in front of the mothers) but at 3pm i went to pick him up from the playroom and no joke he looked like death he was over heating and looked like he was dieing for a drink and no joke his eyes yes EYES had gone red and had yellow puss coming out of them and his right eye was stuck together. they gave me his bottle and i signed out and went to put Liam into his pram and the 4drinks where still on the pram WTF so he hasn’t had a drink since 1pm because i made him a bottle when i was home (filled bottle outside and he drank it down fast)…what also peed me off was it was water play so i put a clean vest in his bag with nappy’s but he came home in the same vest i put him in at home (they didn’t let him in the water and he was over heating 😑 ) and also he was sat on a lady when i came in next to a tub full of ice next to a open door with a baby gate on it with the sun on Liam thank god i put sun cream 30 on him before we came (HE’S OVER HEATING AND THERE SAT NEXT TO ICE AND A OPEN DOOR WITH SUN ON LIAM 😑 ). i had to phone work and told them i cant come in and told them why….went to the Dr and he’s given Liam eye drops and also wont happy when i told him what they did at group…I’m so peed off because there post to look after my boy and its not the first time Ive had probs there.

1) IN FEB 2012 Liam nearly swallowed a stickle brick when sat on a staff member and it was me who no-test the stickle brick had gone and she started panicking and that set Liam off and i tried to get the brick out his gob but i could not get it out because the brick was big so she tried and thank god she got it out but i stopped going for 3weeks after that because that scared the poo out of me and showed me that there not watching the children right.

2) one staff member put play dough on the floor in a food ball and Liam and a other child fort it was food so i had toΒ  move it. update : they have told me its OK to eat the play dough because its home made :\ but i still don’t want my son eating play dough 😑 ewww germs.

3) hes had the diarrhea and vomiting bug two times from there.

4) every time he goes there he comes home with diarrhea or a cough or sometimes both and me,dr and family don’t understand why…. and since I’ve stopped him going there Liam has had no diarrhea probs and no cough. update : i found out they was giving Liam banana and he’s not post to eat that because it makes him ill.

woop :]

yay my violin bow has turned up woop woop woop but I’m never going to order music stuff off amazon again. the bow works and sounds brilo :]. I’m one happy lass. i think its funny i send them a email and royal mail give me a parcel ( took them 2weeks 😑 ).

oh i got woken up at 8:55am because of a phone call from sure start (play group). telling me that the first aid course starts today at 9:30am. well i forgot that i signed up for that and also they told me a month ago that there is a list and they would tell me if i can do the course. i didn’t go mostly because i was taking Liam to fizzy lizards (he loved it) and you cant tell someone on the day your on the course.