today and life :]

well Ive been to town with my mother and Liam …i haven’t yet got the confidence yet to go to town by myself with Liam because I’m abit scared that I’m going to have people having ago/yelling at me like last year (thanks to a xboyfriend talking out his ass). I’m able to take Liam to fizzy lizards and walk to the bus station after but not shopping around town. anyway i got myself some nice new heels and some other stuff :] (shopped at H&M, JONATHAN JAMES and IVOR). took Liam to MacDonald’s for his first happy meal and he loved it ( i drank his cola drink :] ).

I’m so happy my life is going back to normal and I’m starting to feel like a person again. I’m trying to not let people bug,bully and control me anymore and Ive kicked alot of people out my life so i don’t have to hear there bull crap anymore.

sure start rang up today at 4pm but i soon put the phone down and i no some of you are going to say oh that’s rude but sorry when i say I’m not taking Liam up there no-more i mean it. i don’t like being told i have to go up there by staff and being told a lie (saying they give Liam water).

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