don’t get a contract with voda >:(

bloody Vodafone are d**kheads….i had a dongle with them 2year ago (haven’t used it in 3years) and we found out last month by my bank that they where still taking money out so we stopped it….got a letter today saying they wanted there £30 so i rang up saying that the contract ended 2year ago and that i haven’t used it for 3years and i want my money back but they didn’t care and they just wanted there £30 and they said they will not take anymore money out….They sent me to a office in Ireland and i had a right go at them because they been taking money out my bank for 2years after the contract was over and it haven’t been used for 3years…that’s £300 maybe more been taking out my bank and they could only say sorry……ASS HOLES >:(.

only reason i got the bloody dongle was because i needed a new laptop and that was the best way to get a new one and i bloody wish i just payed for a laptop now…..


Omg I had a crazy morning. Last night I set my alarm for 6:45am but it didn’t go off so when I bloody woke up it was 7:20am and I start work at 7:30am so I had to get dressed and run to work and got in at 7:28am.

I would also like to say today it has been 4 years since my friend Kelly Wood died. She was only 20 years old. Miss you woody R.I.P.

I also made my mind up that I’m not going to do a course because its going to cost to much money but im still going to study (read books mostly) about psychology and emotions because I think it will be a good thing to learn.

drunk teens (start of the 6week holiday)

(In Meltham) It’s 11:20pm and I Just watched 4 drunk teens walk up the road with a football and they thought it would be funny to kick the ball at a house (where two old people live) and it hit there window (no smash) and the 4teens tried to do a runner what looked kind of funny because they was drunk and all over the path and road. 5mins later two of the drunk lads came back and went into the garden and got there ball back.

this is what we are going to get now for 6weeks….bloody school holiday in the UK arrrrrrrrrrr.

rugby >:(

went to see Huddersfield giants vs Wakefield and we lost BAD. to tell you the truth on the first half we was playing lovely rugby but on the 2nd part of the game they played so crap we (my dad and little bother) left 15mins early. MY SON CAN KICK,CATCH AND RUN WITH A BALL BETTER THEN THE GIANTS DID >:(……..WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH YOU TOWN 😡 . the only best bit about going to the rugby was getting Liam’s first rugby shirt what looks like a dress on him lol. oh and if anyone who reads this works with the giants SORT OUT PLAYER 1 SCOTT GRIX 😡 hes bloody scared of the ball.

anyway rant over and i feel better now :].

fun day

It’s now 10pm and I’ve been up since 5am only because my body wanted to get up (but I did get 6hours sleep). Started work on this sunny morning and after work I took my son and mother to the park and also had to take Liam to see the duck’s oh I mean the quack quacks lol. My mother wanted to go on a walk so we went onto the hills and got abit lost (well near the top of the hills lol) and I thought for once I would try and use the satnav on my blackberry phone but that kept telling me I was home then it said I was in Meltham (well I hope so lol). When we got home we worked it out we been out for 2hours.

when liam went to bed I went onto the violin. right now I’m trying to learn Call Me Maybe and to tell you the truth it sounds nothing like the song lol. I need to learn the notes better but if you keep learning you will get somewhere :].

a old mill used to be there