hello sexy people

took Liam to woodlands play gym yesterday and he loved it so we will be going back there again :]. only prob i had was the play gym in the room is for 2-7year old and Liam kept going up to it because he wanted to go into it but hes only 18months old. there are lots of toys so i can’t say there is nothing for him to do.

well today is my chill day after working all weekend. just watched WWE and I’ve found out my son likes Daniel Bryan because when Danial was saying yes yes yes Liam joined in :|.

i cant stop thinking about my past and July is the month my friend Kelly passed away (nearly 4years). i keep thinking about the school years and stuff we got up to :(. I’ve got next week off so next Sunday i will have to go and put flowers on her grave….miss you woody.

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