11 thoughts on “new violin :] and its pink

  1. oh my god, i love your violin. hey! wow! i’m so new at this. new new new new new. but i just got your liking of swamp girl and i’m so liking that you’re liking and i like what i’m seeing so far although i just got up, so i’m still kind of sleepy and not looking at things too much. but i will more later. thanks . i dont really know how to do things, blog wise yet, where to comment etc. but i’ll learn.

  2. ive been learning since may 2012 and just got used to bow movements but my old violin just didn’t sound right and i tried everything to get the sound right and also the G string went funny so got myself a new violin what cost abit but after looking online it sounded like the more money you pay the better the sound and people are right. my son Liam is in bed so can’t play on mine till morning (21:31 in UK).

    • yeah, mine is old old and i dont like the sound as much, and want a new one. you are right. i played a good one at the violin store and was like in ecstasy.

      oh my god, are you in england????

      so cool. if you are. i know. i’m a geek.

  3. My first violin only cost $70 AUD, and had an ugy orange varnish, and the sound could have been better…

    Second violin, so much better. Cost a bit more, and looked nicer.

    Enjoy playing it. Looks cool! It is nicely set off in its silver lining. 🙂

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