fun day

It’s now 10pm and I’ve been up since 5am only because my body wanted to get up (but I did get 6hours sleep). Started work on this sunny morning and after work I took my son and mother to the park and also had to take Liam to see the duck’s oh I mean the quack quacks lol. My mother wanted to go on a walk so we went onto the hills and got abit lost (well near the top of the hills lol) and I thought for once I would try and use the satnav on my blackberry phone but that kept telling me I was home then it said I was in Meltham (well I hope so lol). When we got home we worked it out we been out for 2hours.

when liam went to bed I went onto the violin. right now I’m trying to learn Call Me Maybe and to tell you the truth it sounds nothing like the song lol. I need to learn the notes better but if you keep learning you will get somewhere :].

a old mill used to be there


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