don’t get a contract with voda >:(

bloody Vodafone are d**kheads….i had a dongle with them 2year ago (haven’t used it in 3years) and we found out last month by my bank that they where still taking money out so we stopped it….got a letter today saying they wanted there £30 so i rang up saying that the contract ended 2year ago and that i haven’t used it for 3years and i want my money back but they didn’t care and they just wanted there £30 and they said they will not take anymore money out….They sent me to a office in Ireland and i had a right go at them because they been taking money out my bank for 2years after the contract was over and it haven’t been used for 3years…that’s £300 maybe more been taking out my bank and they could only say sorry……ASS HOLES >:(.

only reason i got the bloody dongle was because i needed a new laptop and that was the best way to get a new one and i bloody wish i just payed for a laptop now…..

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