lmao free food

I just had something so funny happen to me and I could not help but laugh at the guy. I ordered a burger/chips and a cola drink from are takeaway in meltham at 18:15pm and it turned up at 19:00pm. When the guy gave me my food he asked me how much it was and I just looked at him (O_O) and he said he had lost the paper to say how much it cost. Well I said it’s around £6 something and this guy tried to ring up his boss but he’s on crappy voda (don’t work around here). I let him use my house phone because there is no-way he is using my blackberry 9900 but he still could not get hold of his boss so he asked me if it would be ok to come round later when he finds out how much it will cost for the food and me being a cool friendly lass said yes and don’t worry I will pay you…..it’s now 19:34 and no sign of him? Did I get my burger/chips and drink for free lmao.



doggy show

been a right fun day and i didnt want it to end…been out the house 9:30am to 4pm because my friends took me and liam to a doggy show in huddersfield. liam loved it and keeped laughing at the small doggys and i so want a pug :].

I will also like to say Rip Winnie Johnson, at least you get to see your son now :(♥. http://news.sky.com/story/974095/moors-murders-mother-winnie-johnson-dies

:] normal day

Well it’s my birthday today and to tell you the truth it feels like a normal day but you get a birthday cake after dinner. Don’t get me wrong it’s been a lovely day and Liam has been well just himself. Mostly on my birthdays it’s hot and everyone is sat outside drinking beer but today I have been stuck in the house because it’s weeing it down and I can now say this is the first birthday with rain. Well this week I’ve got summer slam to look forward to woop hope cena wins.

also I know some people are going to think I’m saying bye to my violin here but I’m going to try and also learn the Ukulele :]. I love my violin and I’m still going to learn it but I’m finding it boring at the moment and I will go back to it soon but I want to try something new when I’m having time off from the violin. I will also say violin is hard to learn and Ukulele looks abit better and fun.

good day

Well today is the last day of being 23 years old and it’s been a fun day and I’m sad that I have to turn a year older tomorrow.

Today I took my son to Greenhead Park they have got out a big sand pit what is there till the end of the week. It was the first time Liam has seen and played in sand (even tried to eat it). He was running around and smiling and even I was building sand castles what my son thought it would be funny to keep kicking it down. Oh and we also saw the duckies and Liam loved that to. We stayed for 2hours and when we got home Liam was fast asleep :].

:] been a good weekend

Well I haven’t done a blog since thuseday so think it’s time to write about stuff. Well Friday was ok but could not go out anywhere because I was waiting for a parcel from royal mail and amazon said it will be here before 1pm but it didn’t turn up till 2pm with my new violin books.

Yesterday was fun…did 5hours at work and at 2pm went on a 2hour walk to blackmoorfoot with mum,liam and barney (we are trying to lose some fat) .On the walk Liam thought it would be cool to put his hand onto a prickle bush and the only thing I could hear was Liam saying mum mum han han (means hand) but he didn’t cry also he didn’t do it again lol. Woop we even went to a pub and I had a pint of fosters and Liam had his pop. By the time we got home I was sleepy and just wanted my bed….Liam wanted bed at 5pm so I got my wish :D.

today :]

Well what a day I’ve had. Got up at 8:45am and by 9:30am me and Liam are out the house heading to see the ducks in Meltham park. The park was busy because it was lovely outside (for once). Was kind of funny at the park because two ducks where making baby’s and I had to tell Liam they was fighting and he couldn’t stop laughing at them (O_O).

We went on a 2nd walk at 2pm and on that one we took my mum and Barney. Was funny because the family dog barney loves mud and went into some but it was sinking mud and barneys legs went under the mud (bath time tonight lol). When we was walking home a car with four 20 something year olds pulled over to ask where the Meltham outside swimming pool was…I said there is no outdoor/indoor pool in Meltham but the guy kept saying there was (even when I’ve lived here for 19years) and I said there is a swimming pool in Slaithwaite and my mum was about to say Holmfirth and the guy drove off and we could hear the person sat next to the driver say what you doing…even a guy who was walking up to us said wow they was rude what did they want and we said they wanted to know where the outside swimming pool is in Meltham but there is no pool or indoor swimming pool in Meltham and the guy said you should of sent them to blackmoorfoot lol (but like I say if your stupid to swim in a reservoir you deserve to die lol dumb ass’s).