:] been a good weekend

Well I haven’t done a blog since thuseday so think it’s time to write about stuff. Well Friday was ok but could not go out anywhere because I was waiting for a parcel from royal mail and amazon said it will be here before 1pm but it didn’t turn up till 2pm with my new violin books.

Yesterday was fun…did 5hours at work and at 2pm went on a 2hour walk to blackmoorfoot with mum,liam and barney (we are trying to lose some fat) .On the walk Liam thought it would be cool to put his hand onto a prickle bush and the only thing I could hear was Liam saying mum mum han han (means hand) but he didn’t cry also he didn’t do it again lol. Woop we even went to a pub and I had a pint of fosters and Liam had his pop. By the time we got home I was sleepy and just wanted my bed….Liam wanted bed at 5pm so I got my wish :D.

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