:] normal day

Well it’s my birthday today and to tell you the truth it feels like a normal day but you get a birthday cake after dinner. Don’t get me wrong it’s been a lovely day and Liam has been well just himself. Mostly on my birthdays it’s hot and everyone is sat outside drinking beer but today I have been stuck in the house because it’s weeing it down and I can now say this is the first birthday with rain. Well this week I’ve got summer slam to look forward to woop hope cena wins.

also I know some people are going to think I’m saying bye to my violin here but I’m going to try and also learn the Ukulele :]. I love my violin and I’m still going to learn it but I’m finding it boring at the moment and I will go back to it soon but I want to try something new when I’m having time off from the violin. I will also say violin is hard to learn and Ukulele looks abit better and fun.

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