lmao free food

I just had something so funny happen to me and I could not help but laugh at the guy. I ordered a burger/chips and a cola drink from are takeaway in meltham at 18:15pm and it turned up at 19:00pm. When the guy gave me my food he asked me how much it was and I just looked at him (O_O) and he said he had lost the paper to say how much it cost. Well I said it’s around £6 something and this guy tried to ring up his boss but he’s on crappy voda (don’t work around here). I let him use my house phone because there is no-way he is using my blackberry 9900 but he still could not get hold of his boss so he asked me if it would be ok to come round later when he finds out how much it will cost for the food and me being a cool friendly lass said yes and don’t worry I will pay you…..it’s now 19:34 and no sign of him? Did I get my burger/chips and drink for free lmao.


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