:( what a day

Well what a day I had yesterday. I had work at 7:30am to 12:30pm and when I came home my mum said that Liam hasn’t been himself so he’s gone to sleep and he should be awake at 1pm. By 1pm I woke him up he was so hot I had to take all his stuff off and only kept his nappy on and opened the windows. By 2pm I took him up to bed and I put the tv on upstairs when he was sleeping (I don’t like leaving him if he’s ill) and by 3pm that’s when the scary thing ever happened in my life happened. My son had a 1min seizure. I got hold of Liam and screamed for my mum who was downstairs and she had to take Liam off me because I was having my own crying fit and dad had to ring 999. We ended up in Halifax hospital for 4hours 3:15pm to 7:45pm. Dr says Liam had a febrile seizure because he was to hot and by 5pm he was back to being ok but dr said he might be ok now but you have to keep your eyes on him for 24hours because he might have a 2nd one. By 8:15pm I rang up work and told them what happened and what the dr said so they let me have Sunday off (thank you). I had to do an all-nighter and fell asleep around 4am and woke up at 9:30am and mum or dad must of took him downstairs around 9am because they knew I was up all night on the watch.

Today liam is so much better :].

Read my blog what happened on the 24/9/12. I told you something was going to happen.

waiting game

Something scary happened at 2:40am this morning. I was woken up by a big bang and first I thought it was Liam because he’s learned how to rock his cot so I jumped out of bed and turned the light on. Now this is the scary part Liam was ok and in deep sleep but my Toy Story Woody doll was on the floor and his hat was next to my Jessie doll. My dolls live on my speakers next to my TV and they both have stands. Woody sits on the left and Jessie sits on the right.

In the morning I told my mother what happened and I know for a fact who pushed my doll onto the floor. Now people are going think I’m crazy but I have an angel and every time something bad is going to happen to me or Liam my angel will move something of mine to tell me something bad is coming are way. Last week my TV remote went missing and it’s not in my room anymore so it won’t shock me if she’s moved it.

Arrr now I’ve just got to wait and see what is going to happen (hate the waiting game).

yell yell yell :]

Arrrr some people must love to hear me yelling. Yesterday I went to watch Huddersfield vs Leeds (rugby) and a Leeds player fell onto the grass and didn’t move (didn’t see what happened only saw player not moving). There was 4 4o year old guys sat behind me saying oh just walk on him and get on with the rugby and I turned around and shouted OH JUST SHUT UP I’M A HUDDERSFIELD FAN BUT EVEN I CARE ABOUT THIS LEEDS PLAYER WHO IS NOT MOVING….they soon stopped talking (took 15mins to get him off the field) and there was an old guy 4 seats up from me who was just shouting out stuff and everyone was getting pissed off with him and I turned around and said IF YOU DON’T SHUT UP I WILL BLOODY MAKE YOU lol even my dad was laughing because the guy stopped talking for 20mins and everyone just kept yelling shut up to him lol.

Today I went into Meltham with Liam and my mother and when we was on the road to are house I could hear a woman in morrisons car park yelling on top of the voice at her child (and swearing) so I yelling on top of my voice OH SHUT UP WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOUR BLOODY GOB AROUND MELTHAM. Lol she soon stopped. Thing is I know that bloody voice from anywhere it’s one of the new people who live over the road who think its ok to yell 24/7 outside and puting their music on outside so we can all hear it and I’ve yelled out my window before telling them to shut it because my son is trying to sleep (was 9pm).


Let’s start with Friday. Well I went to town at 9:30am because today is my pay day (woop). I had to wait 5weeks for my work money because there was 5 Fridays last month. Anyway got Liam some xmas stuff and I spent an hour looking for a wwe brawlin buddie sheamus because most shops only had john cena but Liam don’t like him. after we got home (near 11:30am) liam wanted a nap and i did some AQA Psychology and did some reading :].


he had fun :]

Its Tuesday 22:56pm and after this blog I’m going to bed. Got to be up early in the morning (around 8:35am) so Liam can go to woodlands (get there at 10am). Hmm talking about woodlands they had their free day on Monday and no joke it was full and I mean full (could not move). I lost Liam two times and found him in the ball pool in the playgym and I had to go get him out and we also lost a size 4 Nike shoe what I found at the other side of the room. We only stayed there for an hour because it was way too busy and Liam was getting to hyper around all the children running around.