fast day

Well today has gone so fast it’s silly. I woke up at 6am and I thought right there is no reason to say in bed because I got be up anyway at 6:40am to get ready for work.  Work felt fast but I think that’s because I was busy. After work I came home and Liam just went for a nap so I had time to have a little nap to. By 2pm me, Liam and my mum went to the big Meltham Park to see the ducks (Liam loves ducks) and after that we went to Morrison’s to have are dinner and went home. By 6pm Liam was falling asleep so took him to bed and he’s been asleep since. I’ve watched WWE smackdown and done some psychology reading and did abit of my AQA book and now its 22:33pm. Oh I also got asked today how my violin playing is hmmm well i haven’t played it for a month because I’m not that good at it but I’m good at the ukulele :).


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