yell yell yell :]

Arrrr some people must love to hear me yelling. Yesterday I went to watch Huddersfield vs Leeds (rugby) and a Leeds player fell onto the grass and didn’t move (didn’t see what happened only saw player not moving). There was 4 4o year old guys sat behind me saying oh just walk on him and get on with the rugby and I turned around and shouted OH JUST SHUT UP I’M A HUDDERSFIELD FAN BUT EVEN I CARE ABOUT THIS LEEDS PLAYER WHO IS NOT MOVING….they soon stopped talking (took 15mins to get him off the field) and there was an old guy 4 seats up from me who was just shouting out stuff and everyone was getting pissed off with him and I turned around and said IF YOU DON’T SHUT UP I WILL BLOODY MAKE YOU lol even my dad was laughing because the guy stopped talking for 20mins and everyone just kept yelling shut up to him lol.

Today I went into Meltham with Liam and my mother and when we was on the road to are house I could hear a woman in morrisons car park yelling on top of the voice at her child (and swearing) so I yelling on top of my voice OH SHUT UP WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOUR BLOODY GOB AROUND MELTHAM. Lol she soon stopped. Thing is I know that bloody voice from anywhere it’s one of the new people who live over the road who think its ok to yell 24/7 outside and puting their music on outside so we can all hear it and I’ve yelled out my window before telling them to shut it because my son is trying to sleep (was 9pm).

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