waiting game

Something scary happened at 2:40am this morning. I was woken up by a big bang and first I thought it was Liam because he’s learned how to rock his cot so I jumped out of bed and turned the light on. Now this is the scary part Liam was ok and in deep sleep but my Toy Story Woody doll was on the floor and his hat was next to my Jessie doll. My dolls live on my speakers next to my TV and they both have stands. Woody sits on the left and Jessie sits on the right.

In the morning I told my mother what happened and I know for a fact who pushed my doll onto the floor. Now people are going think I’m crazy but I have an angel and every time something bad is going to happen to me or Liam my angel will move something of mine to tell me something bad is coming are way. Last week my TV remote went missing and it’s not in my room anymore so it won’t shock me if she’s moved it.

Arrr now I’ve just got to wait and see what is going to happen (hate the waiting game).