hello :]

sorry if my spelling is abit crap doing this blog because I’m not using Microsoft word for once.

anyway last night was abit of a bloody joke. i thought i would do some AQA psychology downstairs (did 2hours) when Liam had gone to bed. my mum and dad had gone out for the night to wales so i had the house to myself. so at 5:45pm i ordered a take away and no bloody joke it took them till 7:30pm to get to my house. i would of not cared that much but i did order from the meltham (where i live) take away up the road from me. i phoned them up at 7:15pm asking where the hell was my food and they said sorry we will be there soon, so i think they might of forgotten about me (O_O). when i got it i got a free big bottle of cola and a free cake. today Ive got belly pain and gas (yes i said GAS lol). oh and also today i took my son to see the ducks at the big park in meltham. wow it was busy but he had fun.

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