huddersfield kirklees college ghost storys :|

Well I got asked tonight something what you sexy people out there and maybe the Huddersfield people might like to know about. My friends have gone back to Kirklees College to study and they are in Gblock. Now that block used to be the old Huddersfield hospital a long time ago and there are some ghost stories. Well my friend asked me tonight if I knew some of the story’s because when she was in college today she felt like someone or thing was watching her and she was with no-one at the time (I left college in 2006).

1) Well there’s a story that someone jumped out the top window and now they haunt upstairs.
2) Some woman fell down the stairs (one’s going to the cooking room Fblock).
3) a married dr was cheating on his wife with one of the nurse’s and she fell pregnant and the dr didn’t want nothing to do with her and she killed herself or got killed because there is a story about someone falling/pushed down the lift and I think it was the pregnant nurse (well thats the story).
4) Down in the sellers (where there are some classrooms) is where the hospital used to keep the dead bodies and everytime you go down there you go cold, there’s a funny smell and you feel like you’re not by yourself.
5) there’s a story about a army guy who walks around downstairs and hes holding a body part (think his arm).
6) two children play around Gblock and people have seen them.

I can remember me and my friend Kelly going to the sellers to wait for are next class and when we where waiting we heard a nasty groan and we both looked at each other and ran back upstairs. till this day i still don’t no what made that sound because we was the only ones down there. I can remember it sounded like a man’s voice.

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