omg you don’t no people

I’m in right shock right now and I just can’t believe what I have just seen on the Huddersfield examiner website. I got told by my mother about a story in the paper about a 27 year old Holmfirth (Meltham not Holmfirth) man beating his 2month old child so I thought I would have a read online and I’m just in shock. I know the bloody man, he used to work with me and he WAS my friend who I would joke, talk and also sometimes he would flirt with me and joke about my blushing red face. I would also ask him how his little girl was and he used to say doing good . When I saw his face on the page my gob opened and went into shock.

He only got 10 years and also lost respect from everyone and the scary thing is I saw him on Monday (O_O) and he looked abit of a mess and looked like he haven’t been sleeping (dressed in black and wearing a hat). wondered why he was not working anymore (been gone 2months).

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