i had a crazy think about something today. just think this…when we die..we all find out that we was just dreaming about what is happening right now (O_O). i was thinking about this today but then i thought naaa because why do ghost’s haunt people.

i also had a right crazy dream last night that me and my friend Amanda was stuck on a broken bus and shes a big westlife fan and kept talking about them for 2hours until i woke up. lol i wonder if that means something hmmm yes don’t get on a bus with Amanda lol….

done 2hours of psychology studying tonight and now my head hurts :D. been learning about sleep and other crap about sleep.

One thought on “sunday

  1. I used to have a reoccurring dream about a meatball and matchstick floating in space. Then more meatballs and matchsticks would come and join together making one big ball of meat and would grow and grow and then I’d wake screaming and sweating. I recently told a Belgian girl about this and she had the same kind of dreams but with lightning/electricity..she said she always feels ill after these drams so maybe it means something.. Who knows?

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