liam, health woman, and playgroups

well i got a letter from the health woman wanted to see liam for his 2 year look at. last time she saw liam i told her about Liam head butting his bed in his sleep and she told me he was attention seeking (O_O)….WHAT IN HIS SLEEP and a year later he is still doing it but he sits up in his bed and talks with his eyes rolled behind 😐 so wonder what she will say about that. also last year i kept saying Liam could not walk right and kept falling over or walking into stuff and she said it could be his hearing and also when he does this stuff he could be doing it for attention hmmm a year later i’m now waiting for a letter to go to HRI to see if Liam needs to wear glasses because his eyes are abit funny (rugby ball eyes they say). oh and this is the best bit she wants to meet me at the surestart center in meltham lmao hmmmmm no bloody way after what they did to Liam and how they bugged me after (tag: surestart (playgroup) ).

talking about that bloody playgroup one of the mums who i used to go there with is playing up with me but saying that she has been playing up with me since i left. i deleted her off Facebook nearly a year ago because everytime i put something on my page she always had something to say about it and one day i got sick of it and deleted her and since then every time she see’s me at work she will walk passed me with her nose in the air or she will whisper oh that woman deleted me off Facebook and start talking (O_O) . hmmm and people don’t understand why i delete lol.

omg what a week (Friday arrrrrrrrrrrr)

well life could be so much better right now but i just got to keep on going and don’t let people make me feel like i’m nothing. this week i have found out the truth about someone and there past and i also found out how someone thinks about me (i’m to bossy and my new name is miss piggy 😐 ). people never understand why i like to by myself and why i do not like making new friend’s hmmm well this is why :(….people just want to bully and be rude.



well today i have booked me and Liam to have are eyes tested for next week in meltham. if Liam needs glasses i will not buy mine till the week after because they do cost alot at the one in meltham but if Liam does not need to wear them I’m going to buy myself new ones because I’m sick of people being rude about mine because mine have gone abit bent and keep falling off my face and some people think its ok to pull jokes about it and not understanding that people will tell me when stuff is getting said about me.