children shows

DT_AtoZ_Picnic_216B (1)what the hell are they doing to children shows. yesterday me and my mother where watching a show where children where doing a play on the tree little pigs (Disney jr) and wow they have changed the story since we was kids. the wolf in the old days got burned in a pot of hot water but now the wolf finds a key to the last house and walks in and says to the pigs i didn’t mean to scare you i just want to no if you like to go to a party….WHAT THE HELL LOL. they only changed the story because some people out there think the old story is to scary for children but i still read the old one to my son and also i read him the GIMM BROTHERS story’s.

they have also messed around with dinosaurs making them look like there lovely and friendly (O_O). my son loves dinosaurs because of dinosaur train but there post to be nasty and eat other dinosaurs. i so want to show Liam Jurassic park but he’s to young lol. they have also made pirates look like good guys WHAT THE HELL.

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