pound shop (O_O)

have you ever no-test that pound shops have cctv and security guards hmmm well there not bloody working. well me and my mother walked to town today (took 2hours). when we was in town i thought i would pick some stuff from the pound shop. we did are shopping and payed for it and when we was outside my mother asked me if i have payed for the buns Liam had in his hand and i said what buns? my little boy was holding a packet of buns and no-one had no-test but my mum when we was outside sorting out the bags (lol boys). mother took them back in and payed for them but they didn’t seem to be that bothered that something was taken (O_O). yes my two year old took the buns but i was waiting for someone to come up to me and tell to keep my eyes open or something lol. in any other shop they would of said something to my face but not the pound shop lol.

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