i sometimes just don’t understand people (O_O). i have learned if you say NO you just get yelled at or if i say yes i never hear the end of what i said yes to or sometimes i will just say its up to you and the person does not know what to say back.

well done :]

Snapshot_20130527to the people who didn’t no this but at 12am to 2:20am i did a midnight walk with my mum and also with my buddy Amanda with 600 more people around Huddersfield. we did are memory walk for are good friend Kelly Wood and Carol Gould (Amanda’s mum) who we miss and love so much and we hope that they was watching us last night and was proud of us lol me and Amanda think Kelly made it rain for us. i only ended up doing the 6mile walk because my legs where going abit funny and also my left arm (also so mum did 6 with me) but Amanda did the full 10mile and I’m so proud of her for doing it. i think i will be in the paper tomorrow because some guy asked me for a photo and i did a big smile lol what made me feel like a right pleb after lol. i will do the 10mile next year :] but sadly this year i could only do 6mile.

arrrr people are rude

feel like getting some stuff out.

my mum used to say to me If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all….but some people out there don’t have a clue about that saying. yesterday i was told that someone saw me in meltham and they thought i was a old lady until they saw my face all because of the i way was dressed. well I’m sorry that I’m not a 24 year old slutty mum but that I’m a 24 year old mum who likes to look like a mother. what makes me mad is that i know who it was saying stuff because i saw them driving past me…..lovely lady NOOOOOOOOT >:(. you are in your 40s but you don’t no when to shut your face…LEAVE ME ALONE AND LET ME BE ME.

I’m getting so sick of people being so rude to me but won’t say nothing to my face 😡 and when i do go face to face with you…you have nothing to say and poop your pants >:(.

police go sort it out >:(

since last nights blog i have found out that I’m not the only person who has had a prob like this. been told that its a drunk guy who goes to peoples house’s thinking its his. also been told that where is no point telling the police because they wont do nothing because i didn’t see the guy and he didn’t nick anything but I’m now scared to leave the house and i keep locking the doors and windows. been told that kirklees are changing peoples locks but they wont do ares because its not a kirklees house.


1) someone got robed on are street a month ago,

2)there has been a prob with people smashing car windows,

3) last week some crazy nut was walking around broadlands with a kitchen knave and i was told he was going crazy and police had nearly everyone up there to get him.

4) someone stole a lawn mower from the church on Mean Lane (that was today)

O_O scary

wow that was scary….i was just putting Liam to bed and i heard the front-door open and i shouted out hello bob but i didn’t get nothing back so i sent him a text telling him to get upstairs (to say hello to Liam ) but got a text back saying he was at his mums… who opened the door (O_O). bob told me to have a look around but i see no-one. back door was unlocked and i no i locked it so ive locked it again. i wonder if someone thought we was not home because the tv is off and when they heard my voice i scared them? going to ring up the police tomorrow because something is not right.