police go sort it out >:(

since last nights blog i have found out that I’m not the only person who has had a prob like this. been told that its a drunk guy who goes to peoples house’s thinking its his. also been told that where is no point telling the police because they wont do nothing because i didn’t see the guy and he didn’t nick anything but I’m now scared to leave the house and i keep locking the doors and windows. been told that kirklees are changing peoples locks but they wont do ares because its not a kirklees house.


1) someone got robed on are street a month ago,

2)there has been a prob with people smashing car windows,

3) last week some crazy nut was walking around broadlands with a kitchen knave and i was told he was going crazy and police had nearly everyone up there to get him.

4) someone stole a lawn mower from the church on Mean Lane (that was today)