:] today was funny

Embedded image permalink  lol i took that photo last night when i was about to go to bed. anyway i thought i would try and write a blog :].

well today Liam found out where Ive been putting his Xmas toys and he took 4 toys out of the box and came up to me jumping showing me what he had found. i had to give him the 4 cars he had found because it would be mean if i didn’t. anyway i did abit more shopping today so i’m going to hide them better.

lmao I’m going to make everyone out there laugh. because i don’t look 25 i always take my ID with me but today i thought i would just keep it home because its not like i have to use it. anyway i went to the pound shop to buy some glue and when i got to the till the woman would not sell me the glue and asked me for my ID. i told her that i was 25 and that was my mother over there with my son..but nope she did not beleave me so i had to get my mother to buy me some glue lmao. when my mum was buying i said what do you think I’m going to use it for? do you think I’m going to stick my son to a wall lmao.


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