This is the first time I’m doing a blog on a phone. Lol I feels so crazy so I might stick to using the laptop. Anyway today feels like it’s going fast. Been up since 6:45am, been to work till 1pm, been to my mum and dads, 3:25pm went out for dinner and now it’s 4pm and I’m watching my son play with pegs lol. Sunday’s always go so fast :(.

It was liams 3rd birthday on a Friday and I can’t believe how much he has changed. My little man is growing up and it won’t be long till he is 13 and having girlfriends . Wow I’m getting old 😦 lol

bye kitty

Snapshot_20131129_2sad news but its also good news kitty has gone to a new home. i know people are thinking why did you give it to a new family so fast. hmmm well sadly I’m allergic to cats and always have been since i was a young lass and since we have had the cat (what was given to us) I’ve been having flu symptoms,coughing and wheezing, eyes where always watering and i was bloody sneezing 24/7 and since its been gone aka this morning i feel so much better. i do hope she likes her new family but sadly she can’t stay with us :(. i have to admit that i did feel abit sad when she went in the morning but that only lasted a little bit untill i stepped in some cat poo arrrr bye kitty lol.