hmmm :(

woop had some good news today and that is because i got my letter back saying that i do not have cancer but i need to see a doctor for a colposcopy. i badly hope there is nothing wrong with me :(. anyway got good news housing might be putting me into band C..woop also i have lost a stone and is back to the weight i was before having liam 10 STONE.

not good

well to tell you the truth I’m not feeling to good in myself. been feeling like Ive been smacked in the face. yesterday i was put back onto my fluoxetine what I’m not to happy about because i thought i was getting better but after the fun i had on Sunday i need to be on them again for maybe a month (not happy) and if you are going to ask what happened on Sunday hmmm well just put it a nice way i found out what two people thought of me 😦 and some of the stuff what was said was rude and hurtful. my mind is everywhere right now….i nearly missed a doctor appointment today because my head is everywhere arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


me and my mother took my little man to fizzy lizards in town. i love seeing him playing with other children and having fun. the only prob what i had was there was 3 young lady’s sat in the ball pit with there 3 baby’s (6months) and every time a child over 3years came into the ball pit the lady’s gave the children evils and one told my son to go away. they even gave a dad who was having fun with his Daughter a nasty look. after the play gym i went around town with my mum and Liam…didn’t get home till 3pm.

hehe fun start to the new year.

well what a night went down to work to find out that I’m not working today and they have giving me the night off. hmm I’m happy that Ive got a day off but it would of been nice is someone told me before not on the night lol . I’m so happy that i looked at the timetable before starting tonight or i would be working. anyway i can get on with my new book called All the single ladies by Jane Costello.

happy new year

1558587_10152693485880353_1562863247_n well i better say happy new year to my lovely readers out there. lol that was me last night in the photo. i went to a 60s party and had alot of fun. anyway every year i make a list of stuff what i should do this year and mostly they don’t last long but i do try.

1) no-more take-always and fast food

2) lose weight (well try)

i just want 2014 to be alot better then last year and i want to be happy and try and not let people upset me. arrrr just like on Monday night i was walking home from work and a gray car beeped at me. i jumped out my skin and when i looked at the car people was laughing and pointing at me :(. i didn’t think it was funny i thought it was rude. i do know who they are because i saw there face’s but sadly i know i will be made to look like I’m going crazy if i said anything about it (like always). i feel like i should go to there house and bang on there windows and laugh and also point at them and see if they like it. i’m starting to feel like a joke to them people :(.