happy new year

1558587_10152693485880353_1562863247_n well i better say happy new year to my lovely readers out there. lol that was me last night in the photo. i went to a 60s party and had alot of fun. anyway every year i make a list of stuff what i should do this year and mostly they don’t last long but i do try.

1) no-more take-always and fast food

2) lose weight (well try)

i just want 2014 to be alot better then last year and i want to be happy and try and not let people upset me. arrrr just like on Monday night i was walking home from work and a gray car beeped at me. i jumped out my skin and when i looked at the car people was laughing and pointing at me :(. i didn’t think it was funny i thought it was rude. i do know who they are because i saw there face’s but sadly i know i will be made to look like I’m going crazy if i said anything about it (like always). i feel like i should go to there house and bang on there windows and laugh and also point at them and see if they like it. i’m starting to feel like a joke to them people :(.

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