not good

well to tell you the truth I’m not feeling to good in myself. been feeling like Ive been smacked in the face. yesterday i was put back onto my fluoxetine what I’m not to happy about because i thought i was getting better but after the fun i had on Sunday i need to be on them again for maybe a month (not happy) and if you are going to ask what happened on Sunday hmmm well just put it a nice way i found out what two people thought of me 😦 and some of the stuff what was said was rude and hurtful. my mind is everywhere right now….i nearly missed a doctor appointment today because my head is everywhere arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

One thought on “not good

  1. It’s natural to feel unhappy after happy moment, you must take it as a peace moments after a happy moment. We feel empty and that is good for us. To go to the next step and to see what life dares to us in the new morning. Life pursues a cyclical movement and we must surrender to it to move with it, happiness is acceptance of the now and what we have.

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