she told me this (O_O)

i wonder if my doctor can stop this health woman seeing me. today she told me some stuff what makes me think wow people wonder why children are so bloody rude. she told me when liam is having a paddy aka kicking off i should give him a little bit of attention and i just said o….k but i told her when liam is having a paddy i just blank him out until he clicks on that i’m not listening he stops playing up BUT she said i should not be doing that (O_O). she also said that if I’ve planed to do something like go to the park but hes being bad i still have to go the park and i just said OK but i do the samething my mum and dad did when i was a child if you are bad you get nothing and that means no trips (O_O).

new me

kera photo 013right i have made my mind up that i want to look different and have a new look. woop i can’t wait to dress the way i want again and not having someone tell me that i look old and nasty.

i went to the hairdressers today and told them that i want my fringe back and WOW is it just me but i look good :|. i also got myself some new earrings and to tell you the truth i have not had earrings for 6years but i’m going to start wearing them again. i’m also got myself some make-up…

i do not want to think about what happened to me last year and beginning of this year. i just want to move on and start a new life with my son…woop bring on the new keys.

Friday fun…

Embedded image permalinkwell its Friday and you all know what that means….WORKING lol. Friday is also Liam’s library day at┬áMeltham library and information centre. they do a children read every Friday and i’m trying to get liam to like it and get him reading. mostly when he goes he just does drawing when the other children are sat down listening but today he did join in with the nursery singing and he did try and listen to the story but he got bored and started to draw. i think my little man is going to have the same probs what i have hes abit slow and he also has a short attention span.

woop i finely got to talk to a heath visitor today only because i went to the doctors surgery in meltham and they was there (for once) because when i ring them there never there. they are still trying to make it sound like they told me that she said she was post to see me a fortnight ago on a Thursday but she told me it was bloody Tuesday so i didn’t see her. they can’t see me until a fortnight Tuesday morning but what i’m not happy about is I HAVE A NEW WOMAN AGAIN so i don’t no her name >:(.