Phone blogging from the park

Right now I am sat in meltham park enjoying the lovely sun we are having in the UK. Liam has made a friend with a boy his age in the park and they are playing. To tell you the truth we are at the park is because I’m sick of people complaining about liam arrr he’s 3 and your garden is full of stones so he will want to mess lol. Anyway better go xxxx

my dads car.

well it was a crap start to the morning. the house got woken up at 6:30am to my dad saying his car has been smashed and it looks like someone has tried to break in but failed. the glass at the front of the car looks like it was hit by a hammer and where liam sits it looks like thats where they was trying to break in. everything is sorted now so no worry’s but was scary at the time but we are just happy that we are safe. life goes on and karma will come to the ones who did it :D. anyway best bit of the day was the police who showed my son the lights and when they was going they put on the siren and liam was jumping for joy.

life stuff

this weekend has been brilo and has gone fast for once. i have booked me and my mother into the Midnight Walk again but this time we will be doing the 10mile walk not the 6mile and i have also got that weekend off from work. i just hope i don’t get the sickness bug for 2days before the walk like last time. woop time to do more workout and walking for the big day what is 21st June….we also come up with a group name The Price Is Right.