woop looking up in life

10303172_10203069067863695_7146019084641695076_nwell i think its been a week since i did a blog on my page but thats because everytime i want to put something down i find it so hard to write about it online. I’m so happy that i have my own diary to put stuff in then i find it hard to talk to people.

well i have had soon good news from work and i no this is bad but i have not told anyone hmmm well i lie my best mates and family know…for a month now i have been doing morning’s at work because sadly when i was doing late’s i was getting spyed on and watched/followed home. my hours go back soon so i do hope all this stupid stuff will not happen again.

today it has been mummy and son day. i took him to fizzy lizards and you can tell by the photo where else. i have had some brilo news and after fighting for a year Liam is going to be seeing a speech and language therapist in June :D.


good day

10154011_10202965871523851_7694217837696108694_nwell i know some of my readers will be thinking hmmm keys i have not been able to read any of your blogs. that’s because i had to set it onto private but not anymore (read my blogs under this).

me and my family took my little man to cannon hall farm. i have to admit that i had fun to and i love seeing liam having fun and learning. its been a cold day and sometimes little drizzle but that didn’t mess up are day.

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woop ghost friend is back

just been told that we have a visitor aka my ghost friend…not good news because she only comes round if something bad is about to happen. there has been books flying across the room, mum heard someone knocking on the door at 12am and when she opened the door no-one was there (not first time), liam laughing at 2am in the morning.

i no some of you are going to think that I’m going crazy but every-time she contacts me its always because something bad is going to happen. I’m putting this in a blog because the more people know that she has contacted me sometimes the thing don’t happen. arrrr why do dead people like bugging me lol.