woop ghost friend is back

just been told that we have a visitor aka my ghost friend…not good news because she only comes round if something bad is about to happen. there has been books flying across the room, mum heard someone knocking on the door at 12am and when she opened the door no-one was there (not first time), liam laughing at 2am in the morning.

i no some of you are going to think that I’m going crazy but every-time she contacts me its always because something bad is going to happen. I’m putting this in a blog because the more people know that she has contacted me sometimes the thing don’t happen. arrrr why do dead people like bugging me lol.

5 thoughts on “woop ghost friend is back

  1. She may be a spirit who is trying to warn you and I would never think someone who believes in ghosts is crazy! I have a messenger, I feel, in a cardinal. On the day of my Grandpa’s death, while I lay on my bed crying, it literally tapped on my window. Now, when we move to new locations, I listen on the first morning in my new place, for the songs of cardinals. One rainy day, while desolate that I would not hear the cardinal, I was unwrapping dishes and a red feather flew out of the newspaper! I wrote this on one of my posts…

  2. Hi,
    When I was younger (in my twenties, like you) I also had spirits around, and often frightened by them. When I turned 26, I became a meditator (Transcendental Meditator, aka known as TM). After that, sprits still came by, but they no longer scare me. They often turn off lights, or turn on radios, turn over cups and small things like that! Hey, I tried to get them to clean my house – took a shot!

    For many years, a small child spirit (before I had children) followed me around, even when I went out of town. One time, while visiting my brother, at 2:00 am, a radio started blasting. It woke up me and my husband, but as soon as we awoke it stopped. The next morning, my brother asked why did we bring a radio and play it at 2:00 am.

    We told him, it wasn’t our radio, it was his radio. He showed us his radio on a nearby table, and it had no power plug, therefore, no electricity. My husband (also a spirit believer) just started laughing and told him our ghost is on vacation with us!

  3. my best friend who died 6 years ago is always around and shes the one who likes to bring other people to me. i have TV and cd-player turning on, my son’s toys what makes sounds start to play, walking on the stairs, knocking on the doors and no-one is there, books flying and lots more. at first it used to scare me but now i like it :].

    for 2 years i have been getting bugged by a man who keeps hiding in the mens loos. hes dressed in black and has a mucky face…i found out that there was a old mill and railway what used to be there.

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