(O_O) bins

why is it everytime i move out i always have a crazy nextdoor. i live in a upstairs two bedroom flat and on the other side of mine is a family with 3 children living in a 2bedroom flat. i went crazy yesterday after i found out that the family has been putting there crap into my black bin and i no it was there stuff because liam does not wear asda nappys and i don’t drink cheap milk. i took the stuff out of my bin and put it next to hers. hmmm well my window is open and i can here the woman talking about the bins wtf but you was putting your crap into mine not the other way round (O_O) ….anyway i have moved my bins to my part of the land so she can’t do it anymore but i’m still peed off that there was dirty nappys and crap in MY BIN. i no you people will be thinking kera its just a bin but its my bin lol.

UPDATE 27/6/14) – well i just had a run in with my next door who lives next to me upstairs says to me i can smell your bin from my front-room and he wanted me to move them. i could not be assed to have ago so i moved them but what i don’t understand is that his front and bedroom window is at the other side of the house so how can he smell my bins????. i think its because he has taking some of my land he was not happy they where next to my door (O_O). i’m going to be putting a lock on my bins tonight. 

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