hurtful news

well i found some stuff out last night what ended up putting me into tears and making me feel sick as a dog. i just don’t understand why people can’t keep to themselves. people have been going round saying some right nasty stuff about me and that i have been saying so right nasty stuff about people. but what hurt the most was that it was people i just say hello to and some of the people i don’t have a sodding clue who they are????. i have also found out that people at work have been going round telling people crap and the best one i have heard was that i came to work with cuts and bruise’s and i went round telling people that i was getting beaten up by a man (O_O) WTF I HAVE NEVER SAID ANYTHING LIKE THAT IN MY LIFE. i will admit that i did ring the police because of sometihn but i did not ring 24/7 so it also looks like someone was ringing and using my sodding name.

alll my life i have been a loner but that mostly because when i was a child i was bullied and i found it so hard to make friends. sadly when i do make friends with people they always turn out to be not so nice people. I’m the kind of person who will give someone food if they are hungry, i let people have a bath if they badly need one, i give stuff to people and not ask for money and if you have not worked it out I’m kind and friendly. even my son says thankyou.