well i haven’t done a blog in some time but that’s mostly because i never no what to put in hear. hmmm well to start a blog is to say that i am happy and life is good. i think nearly everyone knows this but i now have a boyfriend and sadly you always get the people who are not happy about it but like i keep saying i’m nearly 26 and i think i can pick who i want. on Friday i was walking to my mothers and i saw someone who i no for a fact has been talking poop about me and my fella so when she was watching me i said HELLLLOOO and next min she puts her nose in the air and gives me sodding evils…i just kept walking.

my son is still having anger probs and sadly people aka adults are starting to take the pee out of him. been bugging the speech people but i’m sadly having no luck. they keep telling me the woman who is helping us is on holiday or shes not in.

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