still in shock….

only went outside to water my flowers and liam slams the frontdoor shut and the yell lock went down so I could not get back in…I kept asking for keys but liam just kept laughing at me thinking it was funny. I’m so happy that I have lovely neighbours who helped me..a nice guy got a ladder and got into my flat (kitchen window was open) and I got back in. liam was sat in his pram belted up. best bit was the heath visitor was there to see me at 3:30pm….so happy she was cool and even thought it was funny……I’m still in shock

Embedded image permalinkwell a lot has been going on since I did my last blog. housing never messaged me back but to tell you the truth that don’t shock me one bit. I have had no probs since last week but there is always time. I’m starting to do up my garden and right now I’m planting¬† bush’s so lets see if this will stop people going onto my path and garden.


well today I have finely had it. I have done a lovely email to housing about that woman who wont stop bugging me. last week I had cat/dog poop next to my plant pot, Friday I came home at 3:30pm before I started work and the path to my house was a right mess and the woman and her friends just looked at me arrr there was a plate in my rose bush but when I came home at 8:10pm nothing was there and on a sunday morning I no-test shes started to put her stuff in my bins again. yesterday there was a yogurt pot on my path and today after coming home from a playgym someone had spat next to my door and her and her friends where outside……..

keeping you upto date

well i haven’t kept you all upto date about what has been going on. well last week i was made to sound like i had nicked a cat but I BLOODY DIDN’T. well also last week i heard my front door open when i was in the bath and when i said I’M IN THE BATH someone ran down the stairs and out my flat. also last week me and my fella saw two of her friends talking and pointing at my flat until matt shouted something and they stopped.

to tell you the truth i do not like leaving my flat but sadly i have to go outside because my son needs outside time and i have a job. i havent herd anymore crap about the sodding cat but today when my fella was mowing the grass (does 2 others next doors gardens too) she was talking to her next door and she was waving her arms around and pointing at my flat and also at my fella (O_O). i think i might ring up housing tomorrow and tell them about this woman….

still in shock

well what can i say hmmm well its 6:08am and i had a crappy night sleep and it didn’t also help that at 11pm i heard the woman’s friends talking to someone about me BUT I DIDN’T STEEL YOUR CAT AND I CANT GO NEAR CATS……the thing is its been going on since may 2014 since i have moved in.

1st it was my bins,

2nd won’t stop looking into my flat so i put net curtains in my kitchen,

3rd children on the other side (her friends kids) kept putting rubbish in my letter box,

4th my door opens and shuts and the children have admitted to me they play with my door so my door has to be locked at all times,

5th i had to throw away 6 garden lights because there family’s children thought it would be funny to kick them down with a football and best bit is there is a sign saying no ball games.

6th if you go outside to empty the bin or just sit outside she be bloody there watching and if you don’t pay nothing to her she gets up and slams the door,

7th i had a little boy come up to me and said i bet you hate it here and you want to move out and i said nope i like it around here and he looked shocked……..i think the reason i’m having probs is because there friends did not get the flat.

i made this sign for my door on the 30/7/14

i made this sign for my door on the 30/7/14