omg what a night

omg well i just had something scary and kind of funny happen to me. at 5pm i had my next door banging on my door asking me if i had her cat and i just looked at her and said nope but i saw it walking about at 2pm and she said it got out her house without her knowing in the morning and she cant find it but like i said it will show up (cats don’t stay in one plase). i went back to my upstairs flat and guest who i saw outside hmmm the sodding cat (where the other cats go) and soon as it saw me moewww like every sodding cat does when they see me with my head out the window…..10mins after talking to me the bloody police show up and they was looking at my windows and that scared the crap out of me coz i was looking at the cat lol. they went to her house and i was kind of waiting for them to come to mine but woop they didn’t. its nice to no that next door would think i would steel her sodding cat hmmmm should of told her that i can’t go near them coz they make me ill lol. oh and this is the same woman who kept putting her crap in my bin (O_O) i feel like this woman don’t like but i do not understand why???????

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