still in shock

well what can i say hmmm well its 6:08am and i had a crappy night sleep and it didn’t also help that at 11pm i heard the woman’s friends talking to someone about me BUT I DIDN’T STEEL YOUR CAT AND I CANT GO NEAR CATS……the thing is its been going on since may 2014 since i have moved in.

1st it was my bins,

2nd won’t stop looking into my flat so i put net curtains in my kitchen,

3rd children on the other side (her friends kids) kept putting rubbish in my letter box,

4th my door opens and shuts and the children have admitted to me they play with my door so my door has to be locked at all times,

5th i had to throw away 6 garden lights because there family’s children thought it would be funny to kick them down with a football and best bit is there is a sign saying no ball games.

6th if you go outside to empty the bin or just sit outside she be bloody there watching and if you don’t pay nothing to her she gets up and slams the door,

7th i had a little boy come up to me and said i bet you hate it here and you want to move out and i said nope i like it around here and he looked shocked……..i think the reason i’m having probs is because there friends did not get the flat.

i made this sign for my door on the 30/7/14

i made this sign for my door on the 30/7/14

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