keeping you upto date

well i haven’t kept you all upto date about what has been going on. well last week i was made to sound like i had nicked a cat but I BLOODY DIDN’T. well also last week i heard my front door open when i was in the bath and when i said I’M IN THE BATH someone ran down the stairs and out my flat. also last week me and my fella saw two of her friends talking and pointing at my flat until matt shouted something and they stopped.

to tell you the truth i do not like leaving my flat but sadly i have to go outside because my son needs outside time and i have a job. i havent herd anymore crap about the sodding cat but today when my fella was mowing the grass (does 2 others next doors gardens too) she was talking to her next door and she was waving her arms around and pointing at my flat and also at my fella (O_O). i think i might ring up housing tomorrow and tell them about this woman….