life right now

well i have had some good news but i haven’t had time to say what it is online yet. i’m going to be starting a 5 week course to help me teach liam how to talk better and i’m going to be with over parents who are in the same prob. i just hope this will work but i still believe this has nothing to do with liam’s anger. oh and i’m going to tell the sodding health woman that i do not want the nursery nurse coming to my home anymore. every time she’s round she just dose not help me. she was bitching that the tv was on (it was 4pm and it was cars) and now i’m not aloud to do the 123 right go to your room.

my family have found out that my fella stays over sometimes at my flat (O_O) and to tell you the truth i don’t care because its my flat (i’m 26 years old). but i no there not happy about it (can feel it). last night i have to admit it that i was not to happy with my fella. he parked his car in the middle of the car park outside my flat and i could hear next-door bitching….he did move it and he went home. one of my family members says i should ask him for money for staying the night but he does kind of pay me hehe by getting me a take away and doing my garden.

Embedded image permalinkwell a lot has been going on but if I admit it sometimes I just can’t be assed to write anything. anyway let me start with the bril news…I have got my son into a pre-school hmmm lets change that my NEW health woman got him into one. to tell you the truth I was worried at first but liam loves it and if he’s happy I’m happy. I now get the mornings to myself oh and I have sorted out his school so right now I’m praying he will get into the school I am wanting for him.

I have not had any probs with my neighbour since I have been doing up my garden oh and shes left my bin alone.