monday news

yes I know its Wednesday but I haven’t put what happened on Monday. liam had to see a special dr and had some tests done.

1) there going to give liam a hearing test again (be 3rd one now),

2) he could be having his feet looked at because he can’t walk properly ( before you ask he dose not wear cheep shoes),

3) there going to be doing the eye tests again.

4) liam haves probs with his head (not saying to much) and I have been going on for some time that he needs A SODDING XRAY ON IT. well I might be getting it done but it needs to now go to the people who sort that stuff out.

arrrr npower

omg what a crazy morning. I rang up npower because I want a Prepayment Meter put into the flat because I’m sick of putting money onto this weekly payment card and not knowing what im using. I’m not joking it took me 50mins to be told that the computers are down and they will have to send me a letter to say the date its going to put in but first it was..

1) you have two meters but he could not understand why.

2) next person oh its (one) for power and (two) for water and heaters but like I kept telling them I don’t put on the heaters coz they cost to much and water is on for a hour (heats up fast)…I have plug heaters.

3) they told me  I could not have a meter but I told them I want one and the person kept going on how I had to talk to kirklees about it WTF (my housing/pay rent).

4) got sent to talk to someone about a payment card but I already have one

5) woop got told I can have one but the computers are down so they are going to send me a letter with the date.