wtf is going on ???????

well I had abit of a shock week but now I know not to talk to them people anymore. I heard something today that I should of not heard and the only reason I heard anything was because liam bedroom window was open. I just came home from my mothers with liam. I saw my neighbour (pyjama lady) sat outside her house looking at me but I did what I always do..NO EYE CONTACT. when I was about to open my door I saw my downstairs neighbour and she was about to walk to the neighbour who was sat outside but soon as she saw me she backed up and started to walk back to her flat O_O. I’m not stupid and I new something was not right. I got into my home and went into my son’s room and opened the window. after waiting only 2mins they both started to talk…..well I heard Enough. I was sat on my son’s bed just in shock. I do not even no there names and I do not even make eye contact with them but there fast to make me look like a prat.  but I’m happy that I now no why they been acting funny with me.

1) Friday night I went to pay the takeaway guy and soon as pj lady saw me she slamed the door. I told my fella and he asked me what have I done and I said I do not have a sodding clue. 2) on Saturday the family what live next to me (I call them snobs) said if that your metal bin next to your green bin and I said yes and he says oh put it in the bin an I looked at him lost and said what bin? he looked kind of pissed off and said the black one (O_O). I told my mother about the run in and she says no don’t do that coz the bin men wont take your bin. but what pissed me off is that pj lady has not cleaned her bin for a month but hes fast to say something about the metal bin. when I went back into my flat he was talking to pj outside…….

(O_O) might just put my headphones on when I want to go outside so I don’t have to listen or say hi to anyone. well you no the saying your neighbours will always be nice to you when you first move in but there true selfs always come out.

update 17/11/14 –,-2014

3 thoughts on “wtf is going on ???????

  1. Well…you do what is right for you and Liam, do not worry about crabby neighbors whether in UK or USA they’re everywhere. Sometimes difficult to ignore but none of them pay your bills!!!

  2. It just upset me after hearing what they was saying and I thought one of them was my friend but nope. also I was wondering why they was acting funny with me. just going to blank them out and do what i did no eye contact.

  3. You will always have those snobbing neighbors that don’t like anyone and you just have to ignore them. Let them talk they don’t pay your bills or take care of you so you worry about yourself and liam and ignore ignorant people.

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