bril day

well yesterday was wonderful and there was no yelling (for once). my bro got my dad chilli beer and wow it was so funny watching them drink it…..go watch it on my instagram

filmed my morning on younow,-2014

what a morning lol

well i new today was going to be crazy soon as i got up at 6:12am this morning and i could not get back to sleep. i told a mate at work that it feels like its going to be one of them days because i could feel it.

someone put flowers in a bucket what had a hole in it. 11am fire alarm went off so i had to go outside with other staff and shoppers just to find out that someone had burned mince pies. 12pm well this made my day and i also have to admit made me feel uncomfortable . a woman came into the shop dressed in a black coat what had feathers stuck to it oh and can’t forget the bells, black biker boots and a black hat what also had feathers on it, oh and i can’t forget she blacked her face (>_<). i love Christmas but listening to 5hours of xmas songs will drive anyone crazy and it was the same songs just sang by someone different.

getting sick of this

I thought he was doing so good this week but I got called into the pre-school office. when I get called into there it kind of reminds me of my school days. a mother has said that my son has punched her little girl and if he does it again she’s going to talk to me about it. like the staff have said they have not seen liam do this but they will talk to me about it. I don’t think the child even told the helpers so I don’t even no if its just the girl trying to suck up to mummy.