what a morning

well its been a fun morning. liam went to the doctors in Huddersfield for his feet. he has probs walking and is always falling on his face. doctor says the same thing I have  been saying for 2years….liam has a prob in concentration and also shows short attention span. I told her I already new this and right now there doing tests on him. his pre-school is driving me crazy always saying that liam is a handful and like I said well if you did a letter back to the person who is helping liam by now you might be getting someone to do one+one with him. arrr what they want me to do…sit with him for 3hours when he’s at pre-school.

I had ago at 40 year old men in Huddersfield when I was walking up to the doctors . 2 guys got out of there cars and looked like they was about to fight. liam was getting scared so I shouted OH F##KING GROW UP AND STOP ACTING LIKE F##KING CHILDREN. they both looked at me and I thought crap I’m going to get beaten up but nope they walked back to there cars. but before they got into the cars I said to liam DON’T YOU EVER ACT LIKE THAT and liam says ok mummy. the men got back into there cars and left.

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