what a morning lol

well i new today was going to be crazy soon as i got up at 6:12am this morning and i could not get back to sleep. i told a mate at work that it feels like its going to be one of them days because i could feel it.

someone put flowers in a bucket what had a hole in it. 11am fire alarm went off so i had to go outside with other staff and shoppers just to find out that someone had burned mince pies. 12pm well this made my day and i also have to admit made me feel uncomfortable . a woman came into the shop dressed in a black coat what had feathers stuck to it oh and can’t forget the bells, black biker boots and a black hat what also had feathers on it, oh and i can’t forget she blacked her face (>_<). i love Christmas but listening to 5hours of xmas songs will drive anyone crazy and it was the same songs just sang by someone different.

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