:( so sodding lost and I do not know what to do :(

well I have been up since 5:45am. started work at 7am to 1pm and yes that is 6hours. went to my mother to pick liam up to find out he had been fighting at pre-school again. this time they called my mum into the office and told her to sign a form to say she had seen the 2 page report. 1st my mom didn’t see the report, 2nd she cant sign it because its up to me to sign it, 3rd the woman should not be telling my mom this stuff because shes not liams carer. my mother asked if she could have the papers to take home and kera will sign it….well they said that I could not have it because it was her only copy and she had to ask her boss if she could do it (been told they are post to give me a copy). my mother didn’t sign nothing and they said they will get me to look at it tomorrow but my mother said you better give kera a copy so she can put it into her record.

I’m thinking of not letting my son go tomorrow because I do not think they can handle my son and also I’m worried about other childrens safety. I have told them so many times liam has probs with his anger and he will hit out but everytime health people talk to them they keep saying hes a ok child (O_O).  like I said to my mom what they want me to do…sit in a room for 3hours and watch him because they can’t handle him.

before anyone asks liam has had anger probs since the age of 2. he is having some tests done soon…also should be getting help when he goes to school in September.


3 thoughts on “:( so sodding lost and I do not know what to do :(

  1. Well for heavens sake! Yes, you need to see a copy of this said report (don’t they have copier machines there?). No one knows a child better than his Mum! Get some health care professionals to listen to you and get him some help and a proper diagnosis if in fact something is wrong? I feel for your Mum it puts her in the middle so to speak! As his Grandmother she wants the best for him! Hang in there! Cheryl

  2. we have health woman, nursery nurse also other people but I do not think anything will be done until he goes to school and the school see the way he is. went to his pre school today and got my copy. hes back tomorrow but health woman is coming tomorrow so I will be having a right talk to her because its getting stupid.

    been fighting since he was 2…

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